Blue Wing: A game of resistance and romance by Kyle Weems

Blue Wing is an upcoming sci-fi tabletop RPG of romance and resistance by Kyle Weems.

Players take on the role of starfighter pilots in the Galactic Resistance, engaged in an uprising against the brutal and oppressive Corporate Star Alliance, which is squeezing the resources out of the known galaxy and occupying worlds with aggressive military garrisons. Outmanned and outgunned, the pilots of Blue Wing must depend on each other in their desperate struggle, relying on their mutual love and friendship to have even a remote chance of victory.

With extreme space battles and mechanics for building up romantic tension powered by the Heartsurge system, Blue Wing has a little bit of something for everyone. Romantic entanglements and rivalries directly fuel the chances of survival in the tactical and difficult space battles against an overhelming enemy. With multiple species and backstories from pilots to choose from, various starfighter profiles and roles, robot sidekicks, and occaisional epic mustaches, Blue Wing forces its characters into taut emotional dramas and squeezes desperate heroics out them in combat.

The game is currently in an early playtesting phase which is only accessible to Kyle's Patreon $5 backers. Backers can download the game as a PDF or EPUB from here. If you're not a patron yet, you can become one for instant access. The current rough draft playtest is 104 pages long.


Existing $5+ Patreon Backers can download Blue Wing here.

Character and starfighter sheet

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